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​The purpose of the Entrekin Family Foundation grants is to provide funding for nonprofit organizations and individuals whose goals meet one or more of the guidelines listed below and thereby merit the attention and financial support of the foundation.




The Entrekin Family Foundation was created in the summer of 1999 by Charles and Gail Entrekin. In its first two years, 78 percent of its grants were given to local organizations.

Forty-eight percent of grants went to arts organizations, 29 percent to children's services, 12 percent to research, and 11 percent to other organizations. In 2004 the Foundation refocused its grants to take in a wide range of environmental issues as well. Currently the largest categories of funding are the Arts and the Environment. The average Entrekin Foundation grants and donations range in size from $500 to $3000.

As increased funding becomes available, it is hoped that grant amounts will be able to grow. Applicants whose projects are in need of greater financial support must clearly show how the additional funding is to be obtained.

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