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Mission Statement:

The Environment:

While the arts are the soul of a culture, the planet itself is its body, and, at the current rate of destruction, that body will not survive the century.  We feel strongly that every possible effort must be made immediately to control over-population and the poisoning of our food, our air and our water.  To that end, we are interested in funding, more than ever before, those projects which will do the most in the smallest amount of time to mitigate the effects of the current global crisis on wildlife, water supply, clean air, healthy food supply and other crucial parts of our failing ecosystems and increase public awareness of the crisis.


The Arts:

It is our belief that the arts are the embodiment of the soul of a culture, that the promotion of writers through  funding of their work is essential if our current culture, with its emphasis on technology, on the provocative outcomes of television, film and games, is to have a chance to develop that inner voice and ear that expresses and listens to beauty. It is our belief that this type of support is critical for the health of our culture.  To that end we are focusing funding on literary / artistic ventures whose main purpose is to promote the works of quality writers and poets regardless of race, creed, or religion, primarily in our local community.


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